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17 Crimes committed by Gaddafi against Libyan people

June 28 | Posted by admin | جرائم

February 17, the start of the Free Libya Revolution. These are only the recent ones. The list of crimes he and his family have committed against the Libyan people during his 42 year reign would go on forever. It will certainly be a long time before the memories die. 1-   Shooting at unarmed protestors 2-  Burning houses of... Read more

مذبحة سجن بوسليم

March 3 | Posted by admin | جرائم

تقرير مفصل عن مجزرة سجن بوسليم § شاهد عيان يصف الجريمة البشعة § القتلى 1170 قتيلا § ... Read more